Diffeo's Collaborative AI in Quip

As part of the Salesforce Incubator, we've been working with the Quip team on a new Live App that puts Diffeo's collaborative research agent directly into your Quip documents.

At Diffeo, we’re focused on connecting as seamlessly as possible into our users’ workflows, wherever they are. Our collaborative AI approach fits perfectly with Quip’s focus on teamwork and seamless collaboration. We’re really excited to continue working with them as the platform develops.

Quip is a cloud-based platform that enables teams to collaborate, create and deliver work together, faster. The Diffeo Live App helps users uncover critical information and relationships across disparate data silos.

The Diffeo Live App identifies people and companies mentioned in Quip documents. It then explores the Web, email, Salesforce org, etc. to figure out how they are connected. Diffeo digs deeper to help users understand the relationships that matter and how to influence key decision makers in real time.

The Diffeo Live App will be on the Quip Collaboration Platform in the first half of 2018.

Teams need the right apps and tools embedded where they work. We're glad to be part of Quip's partner ecosystem.