Diffeo acquires Meta Search and launches Cloud Search

We are excited to announce that Diffeo has acquired Boston startup Meta Search, and we are breaking out of private beta by launching Diffeo Cloud Search! (Click that link to get a special launch coupon discount.)

Diffeo Cloud Search (formerly Meta) indexes your cloud accounts, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, etc., and gives you a single search experience across all of your accounts -- like Google for your files. As you can read about in the press release, we have rebranded the application and integrated the Meta team and technology into Diffeo.

Diffeo and Meta's services complement each other perfectly. Meta provides powerful, unified search across the content on all your cloud platforms and devices, helping you find what you’re looking for instantly. Diffeo Advanced Discovery pushes recommendations to you by analyzing your in-progress documents and uncovering key connections before you even think to search!

Starting today, users can sign up for individual or organizational Cloud Search accounts at diffeo.com/search. We'll also be expanding the list of cloud integrations Cloud Search supports, so stay tuned!

Do you have content in several cloud systems? Starting using Diffeo Cloud Search now!!

See the press release about the acquisition here.