Collaborative Knowledge Boards

Today Diffeo is launching a powerful new feature -- collaborative knowledge boards. Diffeo Knowledge Boards enable analysts to uncover connections across the Web and private data sets while working together on the same visual knowledge graph. Analysts can thereby benefit from one another’s expertise, aided by Diffeo’s AI-powered research assistants that look for relationships hidden in massive data sets in multiple languages and from multiple sources.

Every node on the Knowledge Board represents an entity (a person, company, location, or event) that is related to the document you’re currently working on in Microsoft Word or OneNote. Edges between two entities represent a relationship that is backed up by evidence the Diffeo assistant has found for you across the web and in your internal data. Clicking an edge opens a contextual evidence window (like the one below) that shows how the two entities are connected.

Knowledge Board Evidence

Diffeo’s collaborative machine intelligence platform integrates with your familiar tools, such as Microsoft Office and Firefox, acting as a personal research assistant that scours the Internet and local files, so that it can recommend content that fills in knowledge gaps –– even before you think of searching.

The Diffeo platform is a new form of federated data integration that uses machine learning to pull together data from disparate sources, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, and behind-the-firewall data sources such as private email servers and shared drives, as well as from the open Internet.

“Diffeo’s interactive Knowledge Boards expose our platform’s collaborative machine intelligence in a totally new way for entire teams of people,” said Keith Gabryelski, Director of Client Architecture. “This takes our integration of machine learning and human intelligence to a new, collaborative level.”

“Multiple analysts often work concurrently on the same research--especially emergent events. This is the first tool I’ve seen that allows the machine learning to directly accelerate the collaborative discovery process,” said Cogan Culver, Diffeo Intel SME.

“Our customers' success depends on the ability to accelerate discovery and give back time for an analyst to perform their primary mission. Diffeo’s Collaborative Machine Intelligence meets these key requirements across the community,” explained Geof Milstein, Vice President of Federal. “This takes augmented intelligence to a whole new level.”